Response to Instruction and Intervention

RtII is an early intervening strategy and carries dual meaning in Pennsylvania. It is a comprehensive, multi-tiered, standards aligned strategy to enable early identification and intervention for students at academic (reading and math) or behavioral risk. RtII may be considered as one alternative to the aptitude- achievement discrepancy model for the identification of students with learning disabilities after the establishment of specific progress measures (as per Pennsylvania Department of Education approval).

RtII allows educators to identify and address academic and behavioral difficulties prior to student failure. Monitoring student response to a series of increasingly intense inter-ventions assists in preventing failure and provides data that may guide eligibility decisions for learning disabilities. The goal of RtII is to improve student achievement using research-based interventions matched to the instructional need and level of the student.

For additional information and access to resources, contact:

Lisa Anderson, ARIN IU 28 RtII/Behavior Consultant
724-463-5300, extension 1228

Jeanie Hertzler, ARIN IU 28 RtII/Reading Consultant
724-463-5300, extension 1232

Samantha Glass, ARIN IU 28 RtII/Math Consultant
724-463-5300, extension 1226

Adreinne Stiteler, ARIN IU 28 RtII/Reading Consultant
724-463-5300, extension 1105

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