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The Parent-Child Home Program

  • PCHP is a national, researched based home visiting program that began in Freeport, New York in 1963.
  • The Parent-Child Home Program is offered in 22 counties in Pennsylvania, including Armstrong and Indiana County.
  • PCHP serves 50 families per county.
  • The program is designed to strengthen families and encourage early childhood literacy and school readiness skills in two and three year old children.
  • PCHP emphasizes the importance of quality parent-child verbal interaction to promote cognitive and social-emotional development.
  • Families participate in this two year program when their child is 2 and 3 years old. A child can, however, enter the program as young as eighteen months or remain with the program up through the age of four.
  • A home visitor arrives at the bi-weekly visits with quality books and toys to use as tools for encouraging language development and school readiness skills.
  • The books and toys are given to each family to keep so that they may continue to play with their child and use the techniques the home visitor modeled during the home visit.

If you would like to participate in the Parent-Child Home Program, please call the appropriate contact or print this page, complete the participation form, and send it to the attention of:

  • Armstrong County: Lanna Shaw at 1-800-272-2746 x1203
  • Indiana County: Deneen Peters at 1-800-272-2746 or 724-463-5300 x1236

Click here to download the PCHP Participation Form