ARIN IU28 Driver Education Program

Online Driver Education Theory Course

Course Description

The ARIN IU28 Driver Education Program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The course consists of eight units of instruction taking over thirty hours to complete.  Students that reach an 80% average proficiency will successfully complete the online portion of the course.  Students will be engaged in the online learning process through inquiry based learning, reading, observation, discussion, analysis, and assessment.  Student interaction is required amongst enrollees and will be demonstrated through online discussion boards and during scheduled class times.

The Online course will be scheduled over an eight week cycle for enrolled students.  All course requirements and assessments will be due at the end of the eight week cycle.

The Online Driver Education class will be facilitated by a Pennsylvania Department of Education certified teacher of Driver Education.  The teacher will utilize observation and communication of student progress through classroom instruction and online assessment by quizzes, discussion boards, and completed assignments.

Students will get direct feedback from the teacher while either in the classroom setting or online through an electronic grade book and teacher discussion postings of completed assignments.  Parents will receive progress reports electronically by accessing the student grade book or via  e-mail from the teacher.

Course Requirements

To enroll in the program, the participants must be 15 years of age or older. 

The students must have Internet access and e-mail.  The students must complete all of the required course assignments and progress through the course at a timely manner.  They are also responsible for having timely responses to the teacherís communication attempts.

Computer Requirements

With this program being online, the studentís computer will need certain applications so that they may view various documents, presentations, and videos.  The programs that are needed are Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime, Java, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and Real Player.  Free downloads or trail periods of these programs are available on the Internet.  A high speed DSL connection will also make viewing and downloading much easier as well.

Course Assessment

Students will be responsible for the following course assessments:

  • Quizzes: 20% of final grade
  • Mid Term Exam: 20% of final grade
  • Final Examination: 40% of final grade
  • Class Participation: 10% of final grade
  • Research Project: 10% of final grade

Course Tuition

The Online course costs for PaIUNet members is $125 per participant. The cost is $150 for Non-PaIUNet members. Participants must pay the fee prior to the start of class.

If the participant does not complete the course at the 80% proficiency standard and chooses to participate again in the Online course, they are responsible for the same tuition costs as all new students to the course. The confirmation email that is sent after submission will contain the cost.

Course Certification

This Online Driver Education course will provide the student with at least the state minimum of thirty hours of instruction.  The student will receive a certificate for the successful completion of this course. 

To receive full credit for completing a Driver Education program, the student will still need to have a minimum of six hours of Behind-the-Wheel driver training with a Pennsylvania Approved Driver Training School.  This may be completed with a private driver training school or with their school district, if it offers this type of driver training. 

ARIN does provide the Behind-the-Wheel driver training for the students completing the Online course.  There is an additional fee of $185.00 that must be paid for these six driving sessions for those students that have taken the online course.

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