ARIN IU28 Driver Education Program

Behind The Wheel

Course Description

ARINís six Behind-the-Wheel training sessions are scheduled as two hour sessions, or by the district's agreement..  The students will drive for one hour and then observe for one hour.  All of these sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday.  During the summer break, the students are scheduled to drive during the day.  During the school year; they are scheduled after school and into the early evening.

The student's driving experience will include in-town (light and heavy traffic), residential, highway, rural road, and business district areas. Skills taught include: Starting/Accelerating, Stopping/Braking, Turning, Following Distance, Freeway Driving/Passing, and many more.

Once the driving lessons are scheduled, the weather can determine is the lesson will be cancelled. If school is cancelled or has an early dismissal because of weather, the driving lessons are automatically cancelled.

Course Requirements

To register for the Behind-the-Wheel Program, the student must have already successfully completed a PDE approved Driver Education Theory Course. We will verify this information with the district. The student must have a current Pa. Learner's Permit or Drivers License.

Course Fee

If a student has completed an ARIN IU28 Driver Education Theory Course, either the online or the after- school class, the cost will be $200 for the behind-the-wheel lessons.

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